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Sweetheart, I bow to no one. *smirk*
anoncomment7 wrote in theduelingbamfs
Oooh, you know I like it rough; that's totally playing dirty.
Luckily, Spock is one sexy, evil son of a bitch.


All that sexiness in 100sq pixels:

And now to up the ante.
*rubs hands together*
Let's go 180 degrees: Loveable, huggable, squee-worthy, awwww-inducing Spock.


And the icon:

Uh-huh. Top that.

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*squees and flaps hands*
oh! oh! oh!

<3 <3 <3

GAWD. His faaaaaaaaaaaaace!!!!!!!!!!!
*melts away into puddle of Spock-goo*

you responded twice to the same thing.... I love you so much.


Well. Dude.

Have you SEEN him?!?


Oooh, that's a pretty icon. *glomps Spock*

*rolls eyes*

No, M, I'm a total Kirk fangirl and I've been pretending.

*appropriate icon is appropriate*

You totally had me fooled.

*huge grin*
Yep, that's pretty much the same reaction I have to this cap of Spock. XD

Glad you like it!!


And here I was under the impression that you were going to, what was it, darlin'? "Take me and Brittany down a peg". That's it!

My peg's, however, appear to be exactly where they were, for while Spock is adorable, and that pic is lovely, Kirk will have no trouble being adorable and squee worthy!

I submit that he may indeed be the definition of adorable and squeeworthy!

Also, 5am comment is fail. -.-

Love, I think you need to do a peg check again.

Because even though Kirk is definitely adorable, there is no way he can match Spock's "I died, but you risked everything, lost your ship, brought me back to life, and I remember nothing... but I know your name is Jim" look of absolute preciousness.


*smug smirk*

Also, yikes - 5am. I hope you just got up instead of still being up!

*hugs the sleepy commenter*

Nope, same place!

We shall see, we shall see. My faith is strong and Kirk has never dissapointed yet. EVER.


Nope, still up. XD Vast amounts of cola + half the day ou of it on painkillers = nocturnal time.

*sleepy snuggles*

omg, I love your icon. *snickersnort* That's awesome.

Hmmm... I suppose Kirk hasn't dissapointed me either... of course, he doesn't set me on fire like Spock does. XD

I'm nocturnal myself, but it's only midnight where I am, so I have a ways to go.

*mmm... sleepy snugs... the best kind*

^^ Wha's not to like? Kirk + Tribbles + Dodgy wordplay!

Your new icon is awesome. And truth.

XD Well, you burn for Spock, darlin, and I'll keep burning for the BAMFest of the BAMF who ever BAMFed a BAMF - Captain Sexy Pants.

Indeed! I'm *attempting* to get back onto a more normal sleep schedule cause I really need to find work and I hear that's easier when things are open XD

*purrs happily*

Edited at 2009-10-14 04:20 am (UTC)

Thanks! Glad you like it. :)
gentlest_sin and I were having a bit of an icon war and I ran out of Spock icons. *epic shame* But, of course, I wouldn't let that stop me. XD

Sweetheart, the sleep-deprivation is starting to get to you; you're delusional. Spock is so BAMF there were two of him in the last movie. (hehe, that would make an awesome tagline for a cap I have from XI... icon possibilities are limitless.)

Well, I hope that works out for you. :)
This pretty much is my normal sleep schedule.

*rumbly purr*

Of course not! XD

The only way sleep deprivation got to me was the making me fall asleep; after 8 hours of solid rest I have reached exactly the same conclusion as previously: Kirk is BAMF to the infinite order, while SPock is BAMF to a very high, but non-infinite, number.

There may have been two of him in the last movie, but I fail to see how Quinto!Spock helps your case. He had a hissy fit that Kirk beat his test and spent the rest of the movie being childish about it XD Also he acted illogically in sranding Kirk on Dela Vega - they were going to prepare for battle, so he ejects an escape pod to get rid of someone who argued a different view? Enterprise has brigs, people.

*cough* This may or may not be one of my ranting topics. That was pretty short for me.

Apparently, it failed, since I woke up at 1pm XD


Must be something other than sleep deprivation then, because you've still got it backwards. xP

Ok, to cut the BS for a moment; I will have to agree that Quinto!Spock is nowhere near the caliber of BAMF that Nimoy!Spock is. But I actually feel that's true for most of the new crew. And I'm not saying I didn't love the movie - I did - but they're just not as BAMF as the original. The only ones, IMHO, who carried on their predecessor's BAMFness were Urban and Pegg. Pegg especially made an amazing Scotty.

Back to the BS, now. Still, you can't deny the fact that the man is so BAMF he was the only original member to make it into the new movie. (May those who have passed rest in peace.)

Where was Shatner!Kirk again? Oh, right, he wasn't in it. *smirk*


Spock is so BAMF there were two of him in the last movie. (hehe, that would make an awesome tagline for a cap I have from XI... icon possibilities are limitless.)

Do it do it do it DO IT now nownownowNOW!


Why thank you!

XD That line always makes me smile.

Unless someone brilliant decided to use the "I just lost my ship, my son, my career, I'm tired, I'm bleeding, I'm dirty, but you know my name is Jim" teary smile of OH MY GOD as their rebuttal.


I hate to degenerate this to the first grade level... but:
I used it first.



Which is why it was the perfect rebuttal to such a move, my dear.

And also: You're a doody head.

OMG. YAY! I love you.
I was hoping to see the evil Spock after the Kirk post. Kirk in eyeliner is sexy and all but he can't beat that. *faints from Spock hotness*

The adorable Spock is adorable! I need to go to back bed.


:D Love you too!

I mean, with a challenge like 'Evil' how could I pass up the opportunity to get my hands on that beard? *grin*

*teehee* Yes, adorable Spock is definitely worth a trip back to bed. Glad you like them!!


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