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Reality trumps fiction, love.
Too Handsome
brittanyksduh wrote in theduelingbamfs

USAGE RULES: Take if you like, please credit to 'Brittany Diamond' if you use. Many thanks. =)

I guess it's time for me to call, then. I have to come up with something that tops Nimoy playing a gay character. What ever will I do?


And, of course, icon love:

Oh I'm sorry, you didn't hear me laughing? Let me try again:



There, now we can move on.

Even though you invited something young and hot, I decided to save that for my raise:


**And because I'm nice, here's a version for those who have parents to worry about:


And the inevitable icon:

That's right, babe. I opened the GQMF door.


'Cause Shatner's on the other side, laughing with me. XD

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*wibbles* I- un. incoherent. Unf. Oh Unf to the thousandth power.

*bleeds to death*

I'll be here. Because I can't look away.

Again: Unf.

Um. I love him in that sweater. It is practically Captain Green! XD

(Deleted comment)
So, uh... does that support the 'K/S is canon' argument, or refute it? Because... I mean... What if K/S wasn't intentional, and all the gay came from Shatner himself?
I'm so confused, I don't even know what's real anymore...

I think it supports it 100%. I mean, we know the gay didn't just come from Shatner, it came from everywhere. XD



Tell me more

*haz not been following things, aparently.*
Shatner's GAY!? Then. What's his deal with George Takei? I don't get it HALP!

I'm thinking he's bisexual, which is freaking incredible.

I'm 99% sure that his deal with Takei has nothing to do with Takei being gay.

(By the way, I love your icon so hard. Firefly and Mal FTfuckingW.)


I have to say that second picture is going to be tough to beat. The Shat is clearly one bamf. I bow to your mad bamf-captioning skillz.

That is one mad-freakin-tastic icon, i must say

I really love that one. It was made by stormyskies. ;D It's available for use by anyone.

Holy shit. That sweater.
I'm still confused about the IRL thing. but I hope you're telling me the truth.
my GAWD he is an attractive man. HOLEE SHIYAT.

Yup, he really did make a pass at another man.
I'm still reeling from the new, myself. O.O

details, woman, DETAILS.
A slasher cannot live by bread alone

From Encyclopedia Shatnerica:
This punk rock guitarist, a founding member of Iggy Pop's band The Stooges, once claimed that Shatner made a pass at him in a Los Angeles bar. According to Asheston, in the summer of 1975 an inebriated Shatner approached him in the Hyatt House pub, where the axeman had gone to listen to some jazz. "He wanted me to sit down, and then he got kind of grabby," Asheton claimed. Horrified at the prospect that Captain Kirk might be anything less than one hundred percent straight, Asheton promptly fled the scene. "Probably if I'd been drinking I would have sat down just for the weirdness of seeing what would happen," the reluctant boy toy remarked.

Wait, 1975 or 76? (Not that it makes any difference, I just want to know.)

Oh blah, my bad, it was 1975. I got the year confused with the time Shatner was interviewing a guy and kissed him, which was '76. ::facepalm::

...Late comment is waaaay late, but I've searched this on the internet and surprisingly can't find anything, and I am now dying of curiosity. What interview are you talking about?


It was for a documentary about...aliens? Something weird like that. Shatner hosted it. I'll have to look up the exact name.

Oh, okay. Cool. Thank you! Don't worry about it if it's super-obscure, though; I'm sure you've got better things to do than hunt down decades-old interviews for someone you don't know. :P

Ur photobucket bandwidth. It exceeded itself. ::is sad::

I know. ::is sad with you::
It'll be back up on the 11th. =(

Just a side note, the 'Queen was my uncle. *raises hand sheepishly* :)

And no, I'm not kidding.

Sorry, didn't know which one you were referring to. I'm referring to the drag queen in Boston. XD

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