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Open the door? PSHAW. I'm kicking it in.
spock awesome
anoncomment7 wrote in theduelingbamfs

Oh, so it's gonna be like that, is it?

*rolls up sleeves*

No problem, love.

I call with pleasure.


Truthful wallpaper is telling the truth.

Icon love

*sighs* I love that man... what? Right. Battle. Sorry. I'm a lover not a fighter. *sighs*


So, since you want to open the door, let's just kick the fucking thing in.

This is the Battle of the BAMFs is it not?
Thought so.


That's right I went there.
BAMF and Sesame street.
Somehow it's oddly fitting.

Do your worst (I mean that literally) and show me your BAMFest Shatner/Kirk.
You can't beat this raise.

*crosses arms and smirks smugly*

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No way can that raise be beat LOL

IKR? Sometimes I worry about my brain and where these things come from. XDDD

Thanks for commenting!

oh my GOD
How is it that old!Nimoy is still. so. HOT. I just stared at the 2G4U for like......fuckin ever. ho-lee SHIT. I don't understand it, but I like it.
And, bee tee dubs? lol'd my ass off @ the sesame street one.
*bahhh hah hah hah*
Like that

It almost grosses me out that a man older than my father is still so deliciously sexy. Almost.
I join you in staring at the ever 2GQ4U Mr. Nimoy.

Glad you laughed, because I cracked myself up so hard when I thought of it. XDD

Thanks for you comments! I'm glad you like them!


I love you for the sesame street one- I laughed so hard! Brittany really has her work cut out for her; I'm not sure that one can be beaten.

ILU2! I was going for giggles, so thank you!!

Yep, I don't know that anything can beat the combined awesomeness of Spock, BAMF, and Sesame Street.

Thanks for commenting!!

oh, and your icon is made of WIN btw.


Squee...drool...nosebleed...put it however you like, this is sexy.
I wish I had multiple computers to use both of these wallpapers on...oh wait, I do. DOUBLE SPOCK/NIMOY WALLPAPER!!!


Um, tissue? Or something? For all the bodily fluids you're losing? (holy shit that sounded a lot dirtier than I intended)

Glad you like them! And I'm glad you can stare at the BAMFness that is Nimoy on multiple computers!



Why is it that old!Nimoy is so hot? He's one of these guys who just improves with age. While Shatner... Well, he was very hot in the 60s... and that's all I'm gonna say about that... But it's like... they almost complete each other's hotness or something. Like... IDEK, just ignore me...

It is slightly disturbing, actually, that he remains eminently fuckable even though he's almost 80. Shatner is perhaps not as gorgeous as he once was, but few people are. I do just want to kind of cuddle up with him though; he looks like a big teddy bear. :)

Awwww, Spooky, I could never ignore you. *hugs*



thanks for commenting!

The fact that I want to totally jump Nimoy even though he is old enough to be my great grandpa makes me guilty...

Guilt over.

I squee'd when I saw the first one and the sesame street one had me laughing but it's very fitting. <3

Heh. I know how you feel. But damn, the man is still fine.

Thank you!! I'm glad you like the Sesame Street one. I wasn't sure if my sense of humor would translate to everyone or not. XD



Should be doing college essay but...sigh...he's just too smexy for words.

...I wonder if my teacher would accept a paper on the BAMFness that is Leonard Nimoy.

I'd give you an A+ for sure. XD

Thanks for commenting. <3

Oh that's beautiful. And scarily true; at, what, 76? Nimoy is -still- a GQMF.

Spock and Sesame Street? How delightfully illogical. :)

Thank you. Yeah, he's like 78, I think, and still a GQBAMF. srsly.

Heheh. ;)

LOL! Sesame Street speaks the truth.

*grin* Thanks!!

Love your icon!

These are brilliant! Please tell me the sesame street icon is up for stealing. :O

Of course it is! Everything is up for stealing! Take, use, abuse, enjoy, hug it and call it George; whatever floats your boat.

Glad you like them!! Thanks for commenting. <3



We were both really busy this weekend; I was out of town and am still driving home.

We'll be back to the Battle in no time. :D

<3 Anon7

Hahaha! OMG! How did I miss this one? That is awesome! I love how your mind works. Seriously, I feel bad for your opponent because there is no way to trump this.

*grin* Thanks! Yeah, sometimes I wonder about myself and my crazy brain. But at least it makes for good wallpapers! LOL.


That...first...picture...of...Mr. Nimoy. How do I say this? I think I forgot to breathe for several minutes. You said "Truthful wallpaper is telling the truth." No, sugar, you're wrong. Truthful wallpaper is UNDERSTATING the most epic truth eva.

Ooooh. How right you are...where were you when I was making these? *grin*

Glad you like it, hon!


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