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I'm Baaaaaaack!
anoncomment7 wrote in theduelingbamfs
You know you missed me. *smirk*

So, I believe the last cards laid on the table included a cute Kirk covered in tribbles with a quote from Shakespeare.

In response, I will go all-in with this EPIC Shakespeare Spock.
No cute tribbles needed, Spock is more than enough by himself.


And icon love, of course.


I believe that hand is unequivocally mine.

*is smug*

Now, I will admit to having problems finding the next theme to challenge you with. Then I came across a picture that simply stopped my heart and made me pause in my mad clicking through the thousands of images on Trekcore.

It's not overly sexy. It's not overly cute. It's not overly anything. I can't quite put my finger on why I love it, but it made me speechless.



So, my dear, if you dare, find a picture of your man that's worth a thousand words and let it speak for itself.

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That's the best response ever. :)


Oh... my... that's just lovely. Thank you for the link, mind if I icon it?

I think I found it over at ontd_startrek comm... Have a zip file of screencaps from the extras. Will upload it and send you a link, there are a few Nimoy goodies in there.

Awesome! Thanks. I have ontd_startrek on my flist, but I've been so busy lately, I couldn't keep up with the posts.


God, I love that scene!
McCoy: You'll never know the crazy things love can drive a man to. I do wish he could forget her
Spock: Forget...
I mean... I mean... Wut? It even has romantic music in the background! What's up with that?

And that shot of Spock Prime watching Jim become Captain. It's such a bittersweet scene. Because like yeah, I get that it's all triumphant and whatever that they're all closer to their Prime counterparts and they're off to start their adventures and stuff, but POOR SPOCK PRIIIIIME!!! He's happy for that, but he has to let Jim go again :(

When I found that quote, I immediately thought of that pic and knew exactly where to find it on Trekcore. Obsessed? Why, whatever gave you that idea?

I know. That is a moving scene and I love that pic.

Thanks for commenting, Spooky! I'm glad you liked them. :)


Spock is one FINE Older Gentleman.
*eyes wide*

*dreamy sigh*



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