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Your name again?
brittanyksduh wrote in theduelingbamfs
It's been so LONG since I challenged you, I don't remember who you are. And don't give me any reasonable excuses like needing to finish a 20,000 word fic by a deadline because REASON IS NOT APPRECIATED HERE.

Ah, you went Shakespeare instead of tribble. that Hamlet quote did you imply that Spock like LOVES Kirk? Who comes UP with this WHACKED OUT SHIT??!?!?! More importantly, WHO HOSTS YOUTUBE TALK SHOWS ABOUT THIS WHACKED OUT SHIT!?!?!?!eleventyone!!!???

Certainly not me.



A shot of Kirk that speaks for itself, eh? ::cracks knuckles::


Icon Love:

Game, set, and match, babe.

And now ::dramatic pause:: the raise.


Multiple doses of icon love (because I couldn't decide)!!!

1. 2. 3.

I submit to you that there is nothing more precious than SRS BSNS Kirk, especially when he's in full Captain Sexy Pants mode with the arms on the hips. So HA!!!!

::frolics away::

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THE BAMFS ARE BACK!!! *whoops*

Also I am kind of pumped beyond words for the Amok Time double-episode special, because uh, hello "birth of slash fandom", to quote Killa. The hand-tremblyness and the snapping-out-of-it and "Jim!" and... there's just so much that's nnngh- and guh-worthy about that episode.

And that scene with Kirk and Spock - yeah, the one in the picture above - god, it just breaks my heart every time I see it. And how it took three grown men to keep Kirk from throwing himself in there... true love, peeps. True love. *sigh*

Also, I have magically acquired, through forays into a secondhand bookstore that my wallet wishes never happened, the novelisations of all six original Star Trek movies. And you better believe I will be analyzing them scrupulously for slash content, just in case!

That moment... OH, THAT MOMENT. You can see that Kirk's whole world has come crashing down.
I read somewhere that true talent is an actor conveying the depths of their despair without shedding a tear. That is conveyed in that scene RIGHT THERE. OH *flails*

And also, Spock loves Kirk? Pfft, don't be ridiculous!

You have a youtube show about Kirk and Spock? GET. OUT.

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