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You won't forget my name this time.
spock awesome
anoncomment7 wrote in theduelingbamfs
So, darlin', Srs Bsns Kirk is srs, but Spock means bsns.

And I wouldn't mess with him...

or me, if I were you. *smirk*


Icon <3

Now. Time to play. *grin*

Here's a challenge, not only for your photoshop skills, but also for your writing skills.


Pick your pic and write me a story.

*looks at Spock Prime*

*cuddles him*

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Spock means bsns

Especially when Kirk may be in danger <3

Is it just me, or is the bottom of your second poster al blurry? I can't read the rest of your story :(

Haha, that's true. Spock does get a little touchy when someone/thing threatens his man. XD

I don't know why it's blurry for you. It's fine on my screen and I know the actual wallpaper if fine because it's on my desktop. Um, is there anything I can do? *is clueless* Sorry about that. :(


Fail, internets, fail. Um, just tell me what it says after "Struck by a thought, he wondered if his younger self would..." because that's where it starts to go blurry ;/

Lol, that smiley is munted. Why is it winking? Or is it's crooked mouth running into its eye or something?

Struck by a thought, he wondered if his younger self would also find his t'hy'la with the Jim of this timeline. He wondered if there was a Jim in this timeline.
Finally, when only remnants of Vulcan were left drifting in space, Spock retreated from the bitter cold and wind into a nearby cave. Sighing, he closed his eyes, thinking of memories that might never happen.

It's kind of sad, but luckily Spock Prime is a meddling, semtimental old man, so everything's good. ;)

Aaaawwww, of course it's sad! Spock Prime's life is made of equal parts sad and angst :( Lovely story though, because you know that soon he will be reunited with the Jim of this timeline, if only for a fleeting moment.

Thank you. :)

*hugs Spock Prime*

Poor Spock Prime! It's okay, we'll take care of you... *snuggles for the Spock Prime*

*grin* Yes, sweet Spock Prime needs all the snuggles he can get...Not that I think he'll be lacking in that area with this group. *wink*

Thanks for commenting! :)

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