Bow Down, Wench!!!
Hmmm, good response with Orgasmic Spock. How will I ever match such a thing?
Oh. Wait.
Here's how:


Plus the icon:

I'd say that makes me a bit more than even, eh?

And now, I raise Evil Kirk!!!!!


And the icon:

So HA!!!!

I feel sorry for whoever has to try and out-do that. ::devilish cackle::

USAGE RULES: Take if you like, please credit to 'Brittany Diamond' if you use. Many thanks. =)

The answer to the age-old question: Wtf is this comm on LJ?
Too Handsome
This is where Anoncomment7 and myself will battle with wallpapers and icons  over who is generally more incredible: Shatner and Kirk or Nimoy and Spock. Because thing like this can be officially determined, and are not based on opinions.

A few random notes/rules:

-I've got Shatner/Kirk, she's got Nimoy/Spock.

-There will not be any actor or character bashing, ever. This is not a place for anti-anything, just pro-everything.

-This will sort of go like a poker game. For example: If I post a wallpaper featuring an angry Kirk, in her next post Anon7 has to "call" my angry Kirk with an angry Spock wallpaper, and then "raise" me a snarky Spock (or whatever she decides).

-We'll be making icon versions of all wallpapers, so that when you comment you can use either one to sort of put in your two cents about who you think is more BAMF.

-This is not an actual contest (but I'm gonna win XD)

Counter Move
spock awesome
*ponders Gangsta Kirk*

Nice move, my love. He is a fine piece of man in that suit.
I am far from giving up this battle.


I see your Gangsta Kirk and raise you...
Wet Dream Spock.


*evil smirk*

I dare you to do better.
(above line is shamelessly stolen from ST XI)

Too Handsome
I am a William Shatner and Captain Kirk fangirl. Anoncomment7 is a Leonard Nimoy and Spock fangirl.
So, naturally, we hate each other.
We do not email frequently, read each others' minds, or make each other laugh. What ever gave you that idea?

We created this place to throw sexy/funny/badass wallpapers and icons at each other until one of us gives in and admits that the actor/character they love isn't as BAMF as the actor/character the other one loves.

Hint: It won't be me.

So, without further delay, Anon............HAVE AT YOU!!!


And also, the icon version!!

You might as well give up now, babe.

(Usage rules: Take if you like, please credit to Brittany Diamond if you use. Many thanks. =D )


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